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Expand Opportunity in Mecklenburg

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A Fresh Vision and New Ideas for Meck

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Putting Desirée's Experience to Work

Mecklenburg County has a rich history as a tremendous place to live, evidenced by significant population growth over the last thirty years. The word is out that it is a great place to live and raise a family! People are drawn from all over because of the positive, pro-business, community-focused identity.


But becoming a major metropolitan area brings with it serious challenges, and to face those challenges, Mecklenburg County needs strong leadership now more than ever. 

I am running for Mecklenburg County Commissioner in District 6 to bring strong leadership and experience required to navigate and drive continued growth.


I bring my unique perspective to these challenges.  Born in Honduras, I immigrated to the US with my siblings and recently widowed mother, and a few years later became a naturalized citizen.  My mother taught me courage, determination, the value of hard work and earning my own way in the world.  These traits are the basis for my conservative, traditional values.

I grew up in New Orleans and attended LSU and UNO (University of New Orleans). I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in American History, studying under the great Professor and Historian Stephen E. Ambrose. My experience in business and management come from managing a staff of over 250 people and $5 million annual budget.

As a single working mother attending college, I understand the struggles, dreams, and aspirations of young people and single parents. My husband Patrick and I married twenty-eight years ago, and together we have raised children in three states. Our kids attended public, private, and charter schools, and two of our boys were  homeschooled for three years. These experiences exposed me to the good, the bad, and the ugly of our education system. I am deeply concerned over the continued track record of poor performing schools in Mecklenburg County.  I believe that parents and kids deserve better choices and better results.

Living in New Orleans and Los Angeles, I have directly experienced the failures of local leadership. I witnessed firsthand the personal impacts of a metropolitan region’s worsening ability to govern for the good of local residents.  As District 6 Mecklenburg County Commissioner, I will lead to ensure that Mecklenburg County and Charlotte,  Matthews and Mint Hill do not repeat the mistakes other American cities have made when governed by single party leadership. Common sense and doing what is best for local communities must prevail over party politics.

I will apply my training and experience to my service on Mecklenburg County Commission to push fiscal responsibility, keep taxes low and eliminating wasteful spending.  I will insist on accountability and transparency in government because Mecklenburg County deserves improved, measurable results.

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