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The Issues:

Mecklenburg County has a rich history as a tremendous place to live.  It must be since we’ve nearly doubled in size in the last thirty years.  Even so, Mecklenburg faces some serious challenges and with 100% Democratic control of the County Board, it’s time for a conservative voice who will offer a fresh perspective.  Here are my positions on the issues:

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"Our educational system should be well funded and parents have the right to transparency and accountability from the school system."

As Mecklenburg County District 6 Commissioner, one of my highest priorities will be to strengthen education for ALL students in Mecklenburg County. As a family of immigrants, we came to the US unable to speak the language. I learned to speak English by watching television and hearing my older siblings speak. I understand and can relate to the struggles many of our black and brown students experience in education. Our kids suffer without the solid foundation of early education, Pre-K through 3rd grade. These years are critically important for students to achieve literacy objectives that drive successful outcomes in their later school years. 

I commit to maximize funding for education within the reasonable economic means of our state and county. Teachers should have access to the resources necessary to run their classrooms and should be well paid for doing so. Our focus must be on reading, writing, math, science, history, humanities, arts, and physical education. Values such as honesty, kindness, and integrity should be modeled by our educators and encouraged among students. Parents do not want their children’s time and energy focused on culture wars. I believe we should establish and measure key educational outcomes. When schools do not make the grade, it must trigger change. CMS has continued to decline in performance with no measurable improvement in outcomes for far too long. Yet, we continue to provide more taxpayer funds despite   the lack of results. Our students and parents deserve better.

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Public Safety
"Public Safety is a paramount responsibility of government and deserves our full support."

Public safety is a paramount core responsibility of government. Mecklenburg County is served by a mix of law enforcement including City of Charlotte Police Department, several municipal Police Departments, and the County Sheriff’s Department. As District 6 County Commissioner, I will work to ensure the balance of responsibility among the various departments reinforces and maximizes public safety. Law enforcement deserves our full support, and our citizens deserve transparency and accountability. 

Nothing robs a community of its potential faster than increasing crime and lack of confidence in the public safety and those who work to ensure it. Justice and policing must always be equal and fair without bigotry or consideration of special interests. Everyone must expect to be held to the same standards. We expect law enforcement officers to equally apply enforcement measures. Likewise, we expect those who interact with our law enforcement officers to recognize and respect their authority. Arguing with officers, evading temporary detainment, or resisting arrest rarely works well. Our public officials, elected leaders, and community leaders must model, teach, and encourage respect for and compliance to our laws and the officers that keep us safe.

Police officers deserve our respect and support. Families and our communities deserve to be kept safe. Every resident of Mecklenburg County can depend on my leadership to stand in support of this important public service.

Taxes & Spending
"I pledge to bring a moderating voice and perspective.  And I commit to keep taxes low, eliminate unnecessary and wasteful spending, and generate value for the citizens."

Mecklenburg County’s property revaluations will be assessed in 2023. My opponent and other democrats on the County Commission voted to raise our property taxes. (Click here to read more). My opponent also voted in her first term to raise our sales tax. I commit to fight against increased property tax and increased sales tax. Should we raise taxes during a time of 40-year record inflation? I say no!

Democrats currently have 100% control of the Mecklenburg County Commission. When I represent District 6 on the Mecklenburg County Commission, I pledge to bring a moderating voice and perspective. I commit to keep taxes low, eliminate unnecessary and wasteful spending, and generate value for the citizens. I commit to spending tax dollars wisely for high quality service and efficiency for government services.

Every emerging metropolitan area goes through transition as they grow. Most begin with reasonable taxes, effective basic county and/or city services, track record of successful economic development, and steady population and business growth. The success and growth are far too often accompanied by high taxation and emergence of bad policies. Why does growth lead to this? Because government leaders exceed their mandate and responsibility to provide services and instead push special interest projects designed to steer the direction of entire communities.

Such activity leads down a path of using tax dollars to fund projects that fall outside the basic responsibilities of our local elected officials, resulting in policies of excess that drive up tax rates and increase government spending. They neglect basic services of public safety, quality public schools, and upward mobility of economic opportunity by spending increased tax revenue on non-essential and politically motivated projects. As tax rates climb beyond what is reasonable, senior citizens and middle-class residents flee to the adjacent areas to lessen the tax burden. Those without the economic freedom and ability to move are left to bear the economic burden, leading to even greater social and economic problems.

Local government controlled by one political party raises taxes and spends money on special programs to mitigate the problems, and the cycle continually spirals downward. This pattern has consistently been repeated where a single political party governs. Increased crime, increased costs of living, poor performing schools, fewer good jobs, less economic activity all result in less money generated for the local government treasury. We must never repeat this pattern in Mecklenburg County.

It’s time for the Mecklenburg County Commission to get back to basics and focus on our primary responsibilities.

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Economic Development
"Mecklenburg County can be a magnet for well paying jobs and industry."

Some politicians consider Economic Development to be a primary function of government.  Certainly the government can have an impact on the economy, beneficial or detrimental.  But for too long, well-intentioned government interference in the economy actually creates more problems than it solves.


The best economic tools available to the county commission are low taxes, reasonable regulation, and strong schools - we want people to choose Mecklenburg for the quality of life we offer our citizens, not economic bribes.

My goal is to ensure Mecklenburg County is a magnet for well-paying jobs and industry.

Desirée's Favorite Quotes

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I would UNITE with ANYBODY to do RIGHT, and NOBODY to do WRONG.

~Frederick Douglas

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