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Desirée Zapata Miller

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Born in Honduras, I immigrated to the US with my siblings and recently widowed mother, and a few years later became a naturalized citizen. My mother, the most influential person in my life taught me courage, determination, the value of hard work and earning my own way in the world. I grew up in New Orleans, attending college at both LSU and the University of New Orleans, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.


My professional background began in the Hospitality Industry while living in New Orleans. I later transitioned to call center operations, managing a staff of over 250 employees. The last couple of years I have worked with senior citizens struggling with Alzheimer’s. I have worked in the private sector as well as non-profits.

In 2009, I became politically active, greatly concerned with the direction of national politics and policies, as well as North Carolina and Charlotte local political leadership. My focus is educating, engaging and mobilizing citizens in a non-partisan fashion about topics and issues affecting our communities and culture.

I currently serve as Vice President for the Foothill Region of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Women and I am NC’s 9th District Secretary. I am the immediate Past President of the Mecklenburg Republican Women’s Club.


Leadership • Accountability • Transparency

I will apply my training and experience to my service on the County Commission to push fiscal responsibility, keeping taxes low and eliminating wasteful spending.  I will insist on accountability and transparency in government because Mecklenburg County deserves improved, measurable results.

The current board is made up entirely of Democrats and history tells us it is never a good idea to have a single party running everything.  As a Republican, I can bring ideas and policies to the board that might never be brought up or discussed.  We are most effective when we can consider all points of view and do what is right. This single-party rule leaves more than one hundred and sixty thousand Republican voters feeling like they have no voice or representation.  I want to serve all the people of my district.  


All our citizens deserve a voice.  We deserve the best educational system including accountability to parents.  We need lower taxes and less waste.  And we must support law enforcement and reduce crime because everyone deserves to live in safety.  If you like these priorities, please vote for me, Desirée Zapata Miller.

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